Are YOU The Leader People Are Looking For? Have you considered lately how hungry people are to be uplifted, inspired, and LED? The industry is loaded with people out there looking for the “hitter”, or the “big fish” they can land in their business, that can bring over a down line, or at least a SUPERSTAR that will go to work, build their compensation plan, and sponsor a bunch of people!! Sound familiar? This is a very common desire and one that we hear every day. Fall out, or attrition, gets a little disconcerting sometimes, and every day it feels like you have to keep sponsoring people faster than they can quit. Duplication, and a fast growing, on fire group that TAKES ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN…that’s pure magic. When it happens to you, it’s the most exciting phenomenon, that you want to pinch yourself, because you can’t stop it if you try!!

Guess what. There’s a secret we’re going to let you in on, that the  Alpha Leaders know, a million dollar secret. It’s called the “I AM”. When you KNOW who you are, and your BELIEF in YOU is so high that YOU DON’T move.. (it’s called posture) people will naturally be drawn to you and whatever you have! They will want to do business with you because they will sense you are “IT”, and someone they can trust, someone who is constantly giving, loving and caring about others.  You MIGHT share your opportunity with them IF they are extremely lucky…but it’s down on the list, because you don’t need to even mention it. Of course you WILL, because you have the Goose that laid the golden egg! Remember, your belief level SHOWS all over your body language, and if you get it right…People just naturally want whatever you have. It’s the “music behind the words”. It would not even matter what you said!! People have to have your product, and opportunity, just to play with you, and be a part of what you are doing.!

Remember that thing called the Law Of Attraction? What does Law Of Attraction say: Like attracts Like OR That which is like unto itself is drawn. So, Would it not make sense that if we are directing all of our attention outward “looking” for that Leader, Superstar etc, it would stand to reason, that we inwardly believe our business, “lacks”, we lack, and do not shine that dynamic inspiring “fired up” energy outwardly!! Make sense? What I mean is this: A wise sponsor told me many years ago: “Stop searching for that leader, and start BEING the one they’re looking for, and your business will be set on fire in no time!” Indeed it was, and I went to the Top 10 and won a Carribean Cruise!

Many people are wandering out in the dark looking for that beacon of light, and they are looking to be uplifted by people who KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE GOING. Do you know where you’re going? Are you emanating the LIGHT and FIRE of a TOP 10 Leader or even a #1 Leader? If not I invite you to sit down and look at why not. You can inspire your people, and lead them to the top, even if you only have a handful, because they will feel your passion, and they will want what YOU HAVE. They WILL WANT TO GO WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!  So watch this video, and Take my challenge this week to BECOME the LEADER PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR!!

Special Credit to Matthew Belinkie at for this amazing video!


Content2013 is a very exciting time as there are still hundreds of thousands, if not millions of old school marketers, who are waking up to 21st century marketing! Why? I think the reason that it’s happening more noticeably the past two years in particular, is that the industry has gone through such a huge shift. There is no question that The Internet is self evident, and 21st Century marketing is here to stay. What we like to tell people is that:

“You can get on now, or you can get on later. The choice is really yours. The longer you wait to put your own unique brand of CONTENT out on the world wide web, the more ground you lose in the search engines, which is valuable real estate these days.The Internet is the largest marketing platform in the universe! Think about that for a moment!

It’s time to wake up, and many old school marketers like me resisted like crazy, but when people were no longer answering their phones because of the invention of caller id, and numbers being harvested off the Internet by the millions and fed into auto-dialers,, which massively annoyed people… The writing was on the wall. Prospecting had changed. Yes it could still be done, but it was not the same as it was even 5 years ago”  Larry Morris


Larry talks very frankly in this “rant” about a few things that were on his mind early on in establishing our Empower Network business. Our business has taken off since, and we have even more leverage, time freedom, and automation.


When you have a stark life event hit you, like it did in our life, you see what happens if you stop “grinding” all the time. I hated to admit that taking my foot off the gas, and not constantly calling new prospects would impact my business as much as it did. Numbers don’t lie. We saw our group sales plummet, when we had to be at the hospital every day supporting our family.

Aren’t we self employed for leverage? Time freedom? Duplication? If it doesn’t happen, and you continually have to keep replacing those who quit, because they cannot afford their monthly autoship… Or the program is simply too difficult for them to do..that’s a broken, worn out model. Making personal sales to keep your business going is great, and it IS  a great way to keep “new blood” coming in. Don’t get me wrong!! Those people need to duplicate, and make money the 21st Century Marketing way. That’s the bottom line.

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There is no doubt that the power of the Internet has become self evident.

As Larry describes in this video, the long war between the two of us was kind of over when we joined Empower Network.

It took the influence of a 3rd party to make the lightbulb go on for Larry, and sometimes that’s what it takes!!

I really don’t care! The point is that we are now on the same page!

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How to Make Money

by lmorris

How to Make MoneyIf you have been looking for how to make money, you have landed on the right page!

The Holidays are over, the Christmas credit card bills will be coming in any minute..and REALITY is setting in! Everyone is on their way back to “the real world” so to speak, and thinking about what they really want out of their life in 2013. More people are going to Google and typing in…

“How to Make Money”


into the search engine than probably any other time of year! Why? Because CHANGE is on everyone’s mind!! You can make a fresh start, and make 2013 your best year ever! You don’t have to live with simply the “status quo”… but THRIVE in 2013!Two experts have done all the research for you, tested the method, MADE THE MONEY

We can plug you in to How to Make Money with the finest method there is..


and we have the experience to back that up!! We’ve been professional Entrepreneurs for over 20 years, and have helped thousands of people make more money in those years! what’s the deal?

About Five years ago, after being a network marketer for many years offline, I decided to test my hand at online marketing. I put up a blog, and spent hours, and I do mean HOURS working at it. I made some significant money, and got my blog ranking high on Google. The problem was, the team I was leading at the time kept asking me, “Laura…we want to do what you are doing!.. We want a blog too!”  told them NO Way…It’s too hard, time consuming and will distract you from what you are doing with building your business.

I left it at that, and for the next 5 years, I continued to work online SEARCHING for a DUPLICABLE  blogging system that ANYONE newbies of all levels, could get into, whether they were novices at mlm, or novices at the internet, or both. I wanted a system that someone could use with ANY BUSINESS to generate leads, that would not take but only a few minutes to get up and running, AND something that if they chose to would be a way if they were asking how to make money at internet marketing, would fill that category as well. I searched, and tried different ones, and frankly was pretty let down by what I found, because most of them were driven by the guys at the top, and

they were just not focused on helping the NEWBIE learn HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

Well, I am so over the MOON to say…

Look no further, because I found it. Quite by accident, actually! I already knew about it, and studied it from afar, and sure enough the newbies and the leaders alike were all making money, generating lots of leads, and excitement was off the chain around this system!! But it was not that, that got my Larry and I “all in” with Empower Network. It was the testimonial of a long time  (15 years) friend, ex-personal coach of mine, mlm radio host, industry speaker, trainer and published author Lisa Kitter. Watch my video below, which mentions Lisa in it!!


So do you feel a little more confident about how to make money? You might be thinking…”I want to get in!”
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Watch this Video to See What is Happening in Empower Network..It’s Just About The Coolest Thing Going Online..
and Yes We Teach You HOW TO MAKE MONEY!!


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