When was the last time you felt that SPARK, like your life was on fire and your personal “mojo” was so “on” you could create magic, and awesomeness with everything you touched? When was the last time you spent the day doing absolutely everything you wanted, and everything went like someone was following you around with magic fairy dust preparing your day to go exactly the way you dreamed or even better? This is called being in the zone, flow, being in the vortex, connected to source, or in the field of intention. I like to say I’m in flow.

All of us have times when we can slip into mediocrity..but to live our dreams we must never settle for it!!

Being in flow is the opposite of mediocrity, it’s the place where your point of attraction lies, where the subconscious mind meets your Higher Power, Source Energy, or God.  It is in this place where the decisions you make to become all of who you are, become realized. There is no small thought here, or even a whiff of mediocrity.

We all get those slumpy, slightly stuck times. Sometimes it’s the result of a simple lack of creativity, and other times it can be something much greater, like a full on life slump, with depression, fatigue, and “the blahs”.  What can you do to snap out of it and move into fabulousness? How do you get that magic fairy dust back in your life? It’s much easier than you think.

6 Ways to Go from Mediocrity to Magic

1. RISK What have you been DREADING? What’s that one thing you’ve been procrastinating, and in your heart you know the accomplishment will advance you personally and thereby professionally? There’s nothing like jumping in the pool when you can barely swim, are afraid, or in this case might be a little rusty at it. I don’t know WHAT my mother was thinking, but when I was 4 years old she enrolled me in one of those swim schools! I vaguely remember being thrown in the pool, but I remember more vividly being out on the ocean on our sailboat at a very young age and feeling safe, because I knew how to swim. You KNOW what it is..JUST DO IT.

2. STOP SETTLING Do you stand up for what’s right? Do you stand up for yourself? If you feel you have not gotten the proper service in a store or restaurant, are you vocal, and do you go to the manager? When you settle on the little things in life, you tend to settle on the big ones too.  If this sounds like you, you might not even know you’ve been doing it. It’s about your self-worth. You must, must, must, view yourself as the MAGNIFICENT person that you are!

3. EXCHANGE MEDIOCRE for MAGICAL- So many people are out there living plain, drab lives that they hate. They are just getting up every morning and “going through the motions”, going to work and “getting through the day” and coming home to “zone out” in front of the cable tv, 24/7, 365, year after year. These are the complacent people who deserve A SHOCK to their system. Watch this short video. Many of them didn’t start out this way. At one time they had big dreams, an open mind, and a twinkle in their eye. By making a decision to redesign your life, become all that you are, and fulfill your dreams, you are saying NO to mediocrity forever. To take it one step further, reach out to these people and SHOW THEM the WAY! Your life will IGNITE with inspiration and magic, simply by the Law of Attraction.

4.DECIDE & DECLARE! to live the life of your dreams, even if you’re not there yet! The latin root of the word decide means “to cut off”. You are cutting off any other possibility of how you want your life to look. If you are TRULY SERIOUS (down to your toes) about the decision, what starts to happen is uncanny. Not only will you begin to be pulled away from mediocrity, but everything that’s part of your positive decision begins to be drawn toward you as if by MAGIC. Sometimes it really seems magical, and the more you believe, the more magical it gets! A true declaration to The Universe says “I mean business”, and I believe. The Universe conspires to rearrange itself to fit the pictures in your mind.

5.GET ON PURPOSE Do you know what your purpose is? It’s a pretty important thing to know, and if you don’t know it, you can get buried in a pile of distractions, going in circles, because you have no clear direction or reason for doing what you love most. If you are not at the point of getting to do what you love for a living, at the minimum, know what’s most important to you, where you are going and the reasons you’re going there. There is no greater SPARK than a big purpose that’s driving you!

6. STEP INTO YOUR POWER Everyone has an unlimited supply of personal power. If you’re in a slump, the switch is off! Many people are giving their power away.. to their kids, to the media, to their co-workers, and their business associates. I know it does not make any sense, but why would you do that? I promise you that there is no greater demonstration of this life “magic” than for you to take a leap of faith and flip the switch! TAKE OWNERSHIP of YOUR GREATNESS Just do it and step into your power. Stop allowing what you don’t want, and create what you DO WANT!

Mediocrity is a decision, so make the new decision to abolish it! If you are not dealing with mediocrity, assist someone you know that is struggling with it. Inspire people to know what you know!! Life is a wonder and a sheer miracle. You have the power!

I would love to know what you think! Please leave me a comment below!


”There are two things people want more than sex and money..

– recognition and praise.”

–Mary Kay Ash


I’ll start off by saying that Mary Kay Ash is one of my heroes. No, I am not a Mary Kay consultant, although I got my start in the Direct Sales Industry with her company, back in 1983, and have family that is still with her today! That says a lot about the two women in my family who stuck with her.

I ReTweeted a wonderful tweet the other day from a great though leader that read:

@GaryLoper RT “Try to tell at least 5 special people that they matter to support the #YouMatter movement! “

Of course I added my joyful reply and my day was made! I proceeded to secretly go around to 5 people I know and let them know that they are important to me.

The whole process took a little time, because I made a card for one, had a phone conversation with another, and wrote messages to the other 3. I did not do anything outwardly sappy, but I let these people know that they are making a difference that impacts my life and the world.

Have you ever thought about the basic human need that we all have to be recognized and acknowledged? Jeffrey Combs says “Babies cry for it and men die for it”. It is really true. A little baby will cry in their bassinet for 15 minutes until mom or dad picks her or him up to love, change or feed them. Sometimes it’s not even that a need is there to be met, but that of LOVE. It starts there. [click to continue…]







Are YOU The Leader People Are Looking For? Have you considered lately how hungry people are to be uplifted, inspired, and LED? The industry is loaded with people out there looking for the “hitter”, or the “big fish” they can land in their business, that can bring over a down line, or at least a SUPERSTAR that will go to work, build their compensation plan, and sponsor a bunch of people!! Sound familiar? This is a very common desire and one that we hear every day. Fall out, or attrition, gets a little disconcerting sometimes, and every day it feels like you have to keep sponsoring people faster than they can quit. Duplication, and a fast growing, on fire group that TAKES ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN…that’s pure magic. When it happens to you, it’s the most exciting phenomenon, that you want to pinch yourself, because you can’t stop it if you try!!

Guess what. There’s a secret we’re going to let you in on, that the  Alpha Leaders know, a million dollar secret. It’s called the “I AM”. When you KNOW who you are, and your BELIEF in YOU is so high that YOU DON’T move.. (it’s called posture) people will naturally be drawn to you and whatever you have! They will want to do business with you because they will sense you are “IT”, and someone they can trust, someone who is constantly giving, loving and caring about others.  You MIGHT share your opportunity with them IF they are extremely lucky…but it’s down on the list, because you don’t need to even mention it. Of course you WILL, because you have the Goose that laid the golden egg! Remember, your belief level SHOWS all over your body language, and if you get it right…People just naturally want whatever you have. It’s the “music behind the words”. It would not even matter what you said!! People have to have your product, and opportunity, just to play with you, and be a part of what you are doing.!

Remember that thing called the Law Of Attraction? What does Law Of Attraction say: Like attracts Like OR That which is like unto itself is drawn. So, Would it not make sense that if we are directing all of our attention outward “looking” for that Leader, Superstar etc, it would stand to reason, that we inwardly believe our business, “lacks”, we lack, and do not shine that dynamic inspiring “fired up” energy outwardly!! Make sense? What I mean is this: A wise sponsor told me many years ago: “Stop searching for that leader, and start BEING the one they’re looking for, and your business will be set on fire in no time!” Indeed it was, and I went to the Top 10 and won a Carribean Cruise!

Many people are wandering out in the dark looking for that beacon of light, and they are looking to be uplifted by people who KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE GOING. Do you know where you’re going? Are you emanating the LIGHT and FIRE of a TOP 10 Leader or even a #1 Leader? If not I invite you to sit down and look at why not. You can inspire your people, and lead them to the top, even if you only have a handful, because they will feel your passion, and they will want what YOU HAVE. They WILL WANT TO GO WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!  So watch this video, and Take my challenge this week to BECOME the LEADER PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR!!

Special Credit to Matthew Belinkie at OverthinkingIt.com for this amazing video!


I must say that I feel extremely proud at this moment. As parents  we have those shining moments, when our kids “blow us away” with their achievements and demonstrations of their TRUE NATURE. This week, I have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing both my daughters coincide on a humanitarian idea. The cool part is that they were each independently working on the same general cause, yet two separate projects, without speaking to each other! What this means to me is that the issue is so prevalent that it is affecting their lives on different levels, and they both saw enough reason to STEP UP and do something about it! I was shocked, amazed, and extremely overwhelmed with pride as a parent.

How can this help you as a marketer? This is the magic of the MOVEMENT! People LOVE to be part of something synergistic, greater than themselves, that is making a difference. If you can touch a person’s true heart and show them how joining YOUR CAUSE will affect something or someone in a compassionate way..

You Can:

  • Build Life-Long Strong Relationships
  • Create Excitement Around Your Idea, Company, Product or Service
  • Generate Publicity, “Buzz”, and opportunity for lots of conversation!
  • Create a Mission Statement for your business
  • Create a Vision Statement for your business
  • Clarify your goals
  • Establish a new direction if you are stuck
  • Establish YOU as Visionary Leader!

I know that we are personally on a crusade with our Company & Product and it is positively ELECTRIC.  People are feeling our passion more every day, which makes it contagious to get the word out, and that’s is a major movement. [click to continue…]


By Tim Sales

I find this question being asked quite regularly, especially by those who may be new to the network marketing business. Some people are incredibly keen to succeed with MLM, but they are fearful about making the initial contact…especially with friends or family members.  There is a simple and clear explanation for this.

The reason that you fear making that first initial contact is because you are fearful of being a sales person and pushing to get the sale.  I used to be the exact same way — I also used to be fearful.  Can I tell you, though, that I did not overcome my fear? Because if I thought for one moment that I’ve got to go up and talk to somebody and sell them on something, I would be fearful still.

When you approach people, think of yourself as the one person who can help them, but the only way you can do that is by focusing on them and not on your MLM business.  And, the way you focus on them is by finding out what their needs, wants, and don’t-wants are. So, what I’m suggesting to you is just focus on finding out what it is that would help them.

So, what’s my process for approaching people?

If you have a person standing in front of you, you don’t know if they need or want your product or your business, so you have basically two choices:

Option one would be to ask them if they would be interested in hearing about something. I may be totally wrong here (I doubt it) but the overwhelming chances are that, most of the time, you are going to get a resounding “No, I am not interested.” You and I both know that‘s the likely outcome which is exactly what leads us to be fearful of making the initial contact.

Option two is to ask questions about the prospect, and their interests, and be a problem solver to whatever comes up on the subject that is directly related to your business or products.  In my opinion, based upon successful experience, being a problem solver is always a better approach than soliciting for business.

Just communicate with someone, just greet them. Be genuinely interested in them with no hidden agenda about selling them anything gnawing at you. Yes, and as your conversation unfolds, you may discover that they do qualify and may well be interested in your products or your network marketing business.

Hopefully you will see that approaching people this way is more natural (it certainly is to me) and because you have shown a genuine interest in them, you are far more likely to get to the point where you can invite them to look at your product or your MLM business.

If I focus on greeting someone, I’m never fearful about walking up to anyone.   If I’m focused on selling, I’m always fearful.  That’s the difference.

Much respect and admiration,

Tim Sales

For more in-depth information on this topic study the Professional Inviter lecture series by Tim Sales.

Tim Sales’ training is based on his personal success of building a downline of over 56,000 people while working full-time in the Navy.  Instantly access Tim’s free eBook “How To Build A Huge MLM Business Working Part Time” and get a detailed map to help you plan your success in 2011!  Visit www.firstclassmlmtools.com/ebook


By Tim Sales

I’d like you to forget for a second that you’re in Network Marketing. What if you were starting any other kind of business like a retail store, a salon, or a construction company.  Where would you get your customers? Your employees? How about business partners? Where would you find them?

In one or more of those categories a friend, acquaintance or family member might be the right fit, maybe not. Maybe they know someone who would be the right fit. Somehow it always works itself back to an acquaintance, a recommendation or a referral.   In MLM, we called this your “warm market.”

Your warm market can be one of the greatest resources to your business.  And dealing with family and friends can be a blessing or a curse, but if you want your family and friends to continue to respect you, give you referrals, be your customer, and possibly say “yes” to your opportunity, I recommend you follow these five simple tips this holiday season when faced head on with your warm market.

Rule #1 Hold your tongue. Don’t ever insult someone for his or her decision not to participate with you in your business. Don’t tell someone they’re stupid for not doing business with you, even if it is “the way you talk to your brother.” It’s unprofessional and out of place.

Rule #2 Be wise. “No” rarely means no. That same brother in three weeks or three years could lose his job. If you’ve made a fool out of yourself, not only will he not do the business, he will beat you to all of your friends and tell them about the “scam” you’re in. All of this because “you told him” how stupid he was. That’s not wise.

Rule #3
Deal with it. For over 10 years I’ve dealt with objections, concerns, past failures, bad experiences, and more – all of which have all taught me how to successfully handle these issues.

Just as an experienced dentist knows that treating teeth is the easy part and the hard part is dealing with the patient’s “baggage” – like the time the “other” dentist stuck a six-foot needle in their gum when they were 14 years old. “Dealing” with these issues is what “wins” the patient. Once the trust is established you’ve got them for life or until you decide to stop servicing their needs.

Rule #4 Yes or No. Some prospects take just one conversation to be won over and some prospects take 10 conversations. (Nine of those conversations resulted in a “No” answer even though “No” was never stated.) If you take the thought process as being that either the prospect says “Yes” or “No,” then you’ll miss the art of communication and networking.

Suppose your company has 20 products. If your prospect says “No,” find out what they are saying “No” to. Are they saying “No” to all 20 products? Are they saying “No” to “I don’t want to diversify my income?” No to ”I don’t know anyone who needs or wants any of your 20 products?” That’s a lot to say “No” to. I recommend that you find out exactly what your prospects are truly saying “No” to.

Rule #5 Don’t be a bug. Do not ever “bug” family and friends about your company. Sometimes Networkers get extremely focused, which is good, and it should never be suppressed. Focus is what creates “eliteness.” Just be disciplined as to what and who deserves that focus. If it’s a friend or family member who clearly isn’t interested, quit wasting time there and go get in front of people who do want to be a part of your business or a product consumer.

Your warm market is an important part of your business. Abuse it and pretty soon you’ll notice they don’t return your phone calls anymore. Keep these five rules in mind when you’re at holiday gatherings this year and you will see that you can have a successful business and keep the respect of your family and friends.

And there you have it – five rules to follow when working with your friends and family.

Much respect and admiration,

Tim Sales

For more in-depth information on this topic study the Professional Inviter lecture series by Tim Sales.

Tim Sales’ training is based on his personal success of building a down line of over 56,000 people while working full-time in the Navy.  Instantly access Tim’s free eBook “How To Build A Huge MLM Business Working Part Time” and get a detailed map to help you plan your success in 2011!  Visit www.firstclassmlmtools.com/ebook


There are only a handful of events in our lives that we can say to each other “Where were you when? If you are a Baby Boomer you can ask your parents or grandparents, Where were you when..

The stock market crashed in 1929

Pearl Harbor was attacked

JFK was shot

My mother tells of the day John F Kennedy was shot. We were driving down the street on a typical day in Los Angeles. She had picked me up from Nursery School, and had just gotten off work. She said that everyone on the streets were stopping their cars, and she didn’t know why. She thought it was a dignitary about to come down the boulevard or something. My older sister was in the car, and said, “Mom you should turn on the radio”. That was when they learned the President of the United States had been shot and killed. My mom found the closest church, and took us in to light candles. We weren’t catholic, but it was all she could think to do at the time. we sat there for a long time she said. I was only 4, so I barely remember this.

Bobby Kennedy was shot

When Bobby Kennedy was shot, it was like the world had going crazy by then. My best friend’s mother at the time was a campaign worker for Bobby, and was at The Ambassador hotel the night he was shot. She was only a few feet away in the hotel kitchen when it happened. My friend’s mother would not speak of it for years.

Martin Luther King was shot

Richard Nixon resigned from office

All these event reshaped our lives, our thinking, and the destiny of our country. How would things have been different if President Kennedy had never been shot?

or more recently in history

The explosion of The Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986

The attack on the Twin Towers at The World Trade Center in New York City September 11, 2001. I would imagine that everyone can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing. You can probably remember in vivid detail where you were sitting, and what you were doing when you saw it on tv or when someone called you to tell you about it.

Larry and I were at a breakfast meeting at a local Marie Callander’s. I didn’t even know they had televisions there. The waitress came in and interrupted our meeting of 20 people to announce that a plane had flown into the side of the World Trade Center. Everything was suspended animation after that. Cell phones were only ringing for about 10 minutes, then the lines were jammed. Some people left, and others stayed glued around the tv at the restaurant. Larry and I decided to sit tight there. It was surreal for the following 3 hours, and you know the rest of the story.

Our country was never the same after that day. Our sense of safety was changed forever.The 3000+ people who lost their lives will always be remembered not just on 9-11 but every day. They’ll be remembered by some as heroes, but by others as casualties of  poor National Security. Period. Those people should have never died, and 9-11 should have never happened in the first place. Sure I could write some flowery article about America the Beautiful blah blah blah.. but those people and their families were devastated. America was left wide open for this attack, and it should have never happened. The wars started in Iraq were started to find “weapons of mass destruction” and loosely connected to 9-11. It was always very questionable whether our presence over there was necessary.

When I think of where I was the day those planes flew into those towers, I know in my heart that it was the day America changed forever. There was no turning back. Those terrorist took from us something we will have a very hard time recovering. Peace of Mind. If we truly want to honor the firemen who died, the people in the towers, the pilots on flight 93, and all the other casualties in Iraq and anywhere else connected with 9-11 we need to ask the questions they want asked, open the stories that want to stay closed, and pray for the peace of mind we once had, in their names.





Over the past 5 months I have been learning how to manage pain in a whole new way. It’s completely changed my life, and my outlook on health. Pharmaceuticals can only do so much. After a while pain medication can stop giving the body the originally intended benefit, and actually cause more harm than good. I found that my pain receptors were shot, and pain to me is ten times what it would be to a normal person.



My nervous system is like a circuit board that has gone haywire. Being introduced to Mindfulness as a way of pain management, along with breathing exercises and physical therapy has allowed me to slowly taper off the pain medication and I am already half way there. I am feeling so very much better.

Mindfulness is relatively simple concept that can yield extremely powerful results. One of the foremost authors on the subject of mindfulness,

Jon Kabat-Zinn, says :

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:

On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”

What I am learning through mindfulness practice is how to be here, and only here, fully present. I notice myself wanting to worry about the future, and just bring my awareness back to right now. I notice thoughts about the past, and how I could have been better, but it’s just a thought, and I let it pass by. Very cool. Now I’m not saying that I never worry or think about the past, but mindfulness has helped me tremendously with feeling anxious, and depression.

Here is another explanation:

“Mindfulness means deliberately attending to and becoming more aware of our experience: our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. This allows us to clearly perceive thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting in an automatic or habitual way. Experiences don’t overwhelm us and we become steady through life’s ups and downs.”
Founder of Breatheworks
where her site says:
“The Breathworks approach to Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM) is the most comprehensive, in-depth, scientifically up-to-date and user-friendly approach to learning the how of living with chronic pain and reclaiming one’s life that I know of…..I admire Vidyamala tremendously… her approach could save your life and give it back to you.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD author of Full Catastrophe Living and Coming to Our Senses Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

As for my pain management, the psychologist I see uses the same program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and has done some mindfulness exercises with me, in his office that have really helped me calm my pain down. He recorded them so I can listen any time. One is a Body Scan, which takes you through each part of the body very slowly, but in a specific way. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the authority and pioneer in this field. His books are very good, like Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Look him up on You Tube and Amazon.

Meditation and more specifically Buddhism, Yoga, TM, and other types of spiritual practice is also mindfulness practice, so it’s by no means new, and in fact thousands of years old. Allowing your mind to quiet, being still and going within is the first step. There’s noting to do believe it or not. Just sit, be still and allow thoughts to pass, allow peace to come, Allow God to speak to you. It’s amazing.

Pain can be diminished greatly by taking focus to present moment awareness, and simply breathing. My physical therapist showed me this video about

Simple Diaphramatic Breathing

As you see the diaphram is free moving, gently expanding and contracting. It’s separate from the lungs, and can be very beneficial in helping the body to relax. As it pertains to mindfulness, when you concentrate on the diaphram going up and down inside your body, and picture it suspended like this video, breathing becomes focused, and more calming,very quickly, the blood pressure can go down, pain and stress can be reduced as well.

I am JUST learning this stuff, so this is a very basic overview, and if you want to learn more I would recommend a few things. First off, if you have any kind of chronic condition, this works wonders, so ask your doctor for a referral to a local therapist or mindfulness program in your area, if you don’t go to one already, and ask about mindfulness exercises. They will know.

Some great mindfulness resources are:

Any book or video by Jon Kabat Zinn


Finding Peace in a Frantic World

That should get you started. It does not take much as it it extremely easy and very simple. You will love it.



The day Robin Williams died was a teaching moment. When I heard it was due to suicide and severe depression it was like a knife to the heart. Immediate emotions flooded my body, and I could not hold back tears for over an hour. Why was I taking this so hard? This man was like a touchstone to me from the 70’s on. I can’t think of any comedian/actor that was more creative, filled more lives with joy, and gave of his heart so fully around the world more than Robin Williams. For almost 40 years he was an institution in our lives.

The life of Robin Williams taught me many things about thinking WAY outside the box! I adored his wackiness like no other, combined with a gentle soul that always shined through. I was always impressed that Robin dedicated his personal time to entertaining troops, doing 6 USO tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Germany, Kuwait and other countries to entertain more than 89,000 service men and women in his time there. Robin got to know many of the military personnel very well, and made a point of shaking hands and getting to know a little something about as many soldiers as he possibly could. He sat at the bedsides of wounded warriors, undoubtedly relating on a level we can only imagine.

I understood his deep, deep sadness. I have no idea what being a major celebrity is like, but I could imagine the pressure is overwhelming. The moment they said severe depression, coupled with anxiety, I knew the kind of pain he perhaps felt, to want to take his own life. Describing my own experience is in no way meant to diminish the tragedy of Robin Williams death or disrespect the privacy of his family.

How I would describe Anxiety & Depression:

“It  feels like an inescapable quicksand that keeps pulling you further and further down each day, and darkness that feels like you are in a room with no windows, no doors, no keys to get out, and no way of ever getting light. It’s like you want to run from a room for no reason, or you feel creepy crawly feelings all over, nerves, tenseness, unexplainable pain and extreme uneasiness. Once I described it to a doctor as wanting to tear off my skin, run out of the house and go screaming down the street. That’s anxiety and depression.”

Clinical Depression is Biological

I have always been about unconditional love, breaking through  limits, acceptance, and overflowing positivity. I consider myself a pretty positive lady, and most people do as well. I have fought fibromyalgia all my adult life, and dealt with clinical (severe) depression at times of my life. I fight it, and I just don’t talk about it. The mistake I have made is not getting the proper help with psychology or pain management. Personal development and my spirituality have strengthened me greatly, but when it’s an imbalance in the brain, biology takes over.

As I grieved for Robin, my tears were for him, but they were also for all the people out there who have either ended their own life. or walk that delicate tightrope emotionally, either with mental illness, addiction, a critical injury, illness like cancer, accident, or a chronic condition. Many people living with serious conditions, develop severe depression. Robin Williams had Parkinson’s Disease as we found out.

My husband Larry knew something was very wrong when I went from being an active blogger and hard working entrepreneur to not answering any email, going on Facebook, Twitter, anything from May 2013 to February 2014. My body hurt all over,  and felt like it weighed 1000lbs when I got up to walk. I knew intuitively all the things I was supposed to be doing to get well, but, all I could think about was death, suicide and wanting to die. Straight up.

By March I was starting to come out of this fog with the help of a Pain Management program at a local University. It’s been very important to be monitored closely.  Every day I get a little better, and concentrate on one day feeling like the me I KNOW I AM. Does that make sense? Mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and staying in the present moment has been the best tool I’ve found so far to feel good. Decompressing from the Internet was a big one for me. I never knew how much stress being online constantly had caused me. Taking in the simple moments, without judgement, and just being has been very healing.

The Stigma associated with Depression

I think the stigma of mental illness stems from FEAR. It’s natural, however, that’s only because society has buried a lot of this stuff just slightly under the surface that, we just don’t talk about it. It’s mentioned on the news, people and families deal with it all the time, but still don’t feel accepted, or there wouldn’t be a stigma in my opinion.

This stigma must stop, because it’s preventing people from getting the help they so desperately need. There are slowly armies building to speak out and talk about their own mental health.

Just imagine if mental illness had the national support around it that  ALS, Parkinson’s,  Breast cancer, MS or Heart Disease did. Friends with depression would ask for help more readily, and the suicide rates would go down.

*Go to this site http://moodmatters.org and take this questionaire if anything I’ve described seems familiar. Then see your doctor. Never be alone if at all possible when you are going through something like this.

If you or someone you know is seriously depressed, get help. Call the National Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-8255

My blog will be dedicated to Robin Williams soon, and have a mental health section. Please help to end the stigma.

A video tribute I found about death..that Robin Williams and Carol Burnett did. Only you could  help us find humor in losing you..and remembering you simultaneously


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I wrote this the morning that my dear friend Toni Banks passed away on December 31, 2012. “My beautiful friend went to be with her sweetheart this morning..and though our Doug Banks must be very excited right now to be holding his wonderful wife in his arms again…Toni Banks We and the entire Enagic family [...]

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Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest 2012-How YOU Can HELP A GOOD CAUSE

December 17, 2012 Network Marketing

It’s That Time Again! That MLM Beat is holding the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest 2012 This Great Industry is OUR LIFE…It’s Supported Us Full Time For over 20 Years!! and We Devote our Time to Helping You Learn The Skills That You Can Take ANYWHERE to Be a SUCCESS.. If you learn to be [...]

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The #1 Secret To Success In MLM

December 15, 2012 Network Marketing

Let’s start a little outside the box…What do you thinkThe #1 Secret to Failure in MLM is? ..Giving Up!! Quitting!! Throwing in the towel; saying you can’t do it; saying yes to your j.o.b! SO….What is The #1 Secret to SUCCESS IN MLM?? Be Here In A Year, and Vow That Failure is Not an [...]

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Launi’s Long Road Home – How You Can Help

December 11, 2012 Uncategorized

It’s rare that you get a chance to witness the greatness of your children in a magnitude that goes far beyond that of anything they are required to display in everyday life. For the past eighteen months, not only have I had the privilege to be the mother of my own children, but I have [...]

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