The #1 Secret To Success In MLM

by lmorris

Let’s start a little outside the box…What do you thinkThe #1 Secret to Failure in MLM is? ..Giving Up!! Quitting!! Throwing in the towel; saying you can’t do it; saying yes to your j.o.b!

SO….What is The #1 Secret to SUCCESS IN MLM??

Be Here In A Year, and Vow That Failure is Not an Option!! The only way you can fail at this is if you quit. .You might have heard this before. But it is glossed over way too lightly. People drop like flies in our industry. Did you know that only 3% are making the good money?

We see it over, and over and over. People who join the business, call us and say “I am so excited, I am really going to make a lot of money!!” Do we believe them?  It may sound cruel but- never.They can be the biggest hot-shot.. We  like to say “honk as you’re goin’ by!!” They can have the best story, the best ideas, the best list, etc. But it is all talk, without a few things: COMMITMENT + PERSISTENCE + DETERMINATION + ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY

                         The most  critical ingredient. Secret to Success

by far that you need in your business is COMMITMENT. It’s sorely lacking all around us. Take a good look in your heart and ask your self, “How committed am I to making this work? Will I be doing this a year from now?

It all starts with a DECISION. The root of the word decision means to “cut off from any other possibility” So if you are TRULY COMMITTED, and you decide to make this’s a done deal!! YOU CAN RELAX!! The rest is just foot work!! There is NO other outcome!

But sometimes it doesn’t go so well, and there are bumps in the road. Times can get tough, and people say NO. Negative family and friends get us down.

You have to have Bull Dog Determination when you get in Network Marketing!! If you don’t, the first disappointment that comes along will blow you right out of the business. It’s like this: If you purchase a franchise like a McDonald’s, you are going to invest about a quarter of a million dollars or more. You are going to go through very specific, intensive training, and be given many specialized tools to set up your restaurant exactly like all the other McDonald’s in a systematized way. Do you think that if you open your restaurant, and had a bad first week, or even first month, you would even dream of walking away? Of course not. Yet people do it every day in network marketing, like it’s a throw away. Why do you think it is so easy to walk away from? The cost of entry is low – The price you pay if you walk away is practically nothing – you are only letting one person down usually, yourself, or maybe a spouse, and no premium is put on you quitting!!

What if you HAD TO STICK IT OUT NO MATTER WHAT?? How would you approach your business every day, if you knew you and your family’s LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? I am not kidding. Online marketing business is getting more and more expensive when you add up all the things you need to be successful. So you have some investment. That’s a very good thing!!

Many people in this industry, especially the part-timers (which are the majority of your downline) approach the business like a HOBBY. So guess how it pays them? Like a HOBBY!

True commitment IS the Secret to Success,

application of your time, and investment of your commitment will yield huge benefits. Add to that some tracking and accountability, which changes your daily method of operation from hobby-like, to business-like, and you now have the makings of some real income producing activities! Keep accurate records, and plan your time accordingly. For instance, if you were doing a hobby, you might spend two hours on the internet surfing, and pay no mind to what sites you were on and what you did. For your business, you might pre plan your time and those same two hours, you can record one hour blog syndications, and 30 minutes making videos, 30 minutes following up on friending strategies on Facebook etc. Then you are effectively using your time.

What about actual money making activities? Were any of the afore mentioned money making, or what we call revenue generating? A Money making activity is classified as any activity that progresses your prospect towards a decision for your primary business. There are many, many other activities that circle around and lead up to money making activities, such as social media, blogging, syndicating, advertising, webinars, trainings, video marketing etc. You can generate all the leads in the world, build all the relationships on facebook etc. You can have tons of friends but what are they worth to you if you are not translating them into sales?

So in closing, look down the road to December 16,2013. What will your business look like? What is your commitment level right now? How serious are you about your primary company and completing the goals you set? You can achieve your dreams with an unwavering commitment to yourself and the decision you make to overcome absolutely any obstacle that comes your way. If you are persistent and consistent day in and day out with the money making activities required, and you keep on going….YOU WILL WIN!!! There is no other possibility. Remember, when you ask “What is the Secret to Success…The only way you can fail is if you quit, so just tell yourself right now FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…I WILL BE HERE IN ONE YEAR!

  • Joe Malinowski

    Great points, after being in MLM for a few years I have obviously heard this many times and have applied it in other endeavors I have partaken in.

    The desire and unwillingness to throw in the towel is what breeds success, not just in network marketing, but any goal. When you goal is big enough all it take is that burning hot desire and passion to succeed.

    One thing I have noticed though out the industry is the constant relation of universal business principals almost specified to MLM success. The tools, personal development, and knowledge many of us acquire in our MLM career I believe provide us the ability to accomplish anything in any business venue.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Joe Malinowski recently posted..The Jonny Carson Method

  • Debbie Stevens

    This was a well-thought out post filled with excellent insights. I especially enjoyed the bull dog determination and the visual that put in my mind. I totally agree that it is always too soon to quit! We have to just keep going. I enjoyed this post and took away some great insights. Thanks for sharing.
    Debbie Stevens recently posted..Diamond in the Rough

  • Nicole Rushin

    It has been almost a year and I am still here. What a long strange trip it has been. The skills and knowledge I have gained from being a part of this industry have been indispensable. I don’t see why any one would want to give up, but then again, I have had days when I really wanted to just throw in the towel. Before I got really involved in the social media and on-line marketing I was really frustrated. This seemed to be a piece I was missing in my business and I love teaching others how to implement on-line marketing into their business. Thanks for sharing this post with us. It is really okay to be a bull-dog.

  • Yorinda

    Hi Larry and Laura,
    thank you for your encouraging words.
    Being like a bull dog is like being like a dog with bone, not letting go.

    Keep on keeping on is my motto and one step at a time.

    Much appreciated.

    To your success
    Yorinda recently posted..Joy is the Goal

  • Christine Casey

    Larry & Laura,

    I truly enjoyed reading through your post ~ I appreciate the specific points that you made about the differences between people who get into this industry, start a new home-based business & why they may or may not stick with it when things get tough…that it truly is the individuals who stay consistent (no matter what comes along) with action & income producing activities who make it! And, as you are one of the few who take your business seriously and are working it, I look forward to hearing about the continued growth/success of your business in a year from now :-)

    Christine Casey recently posted..It all begins by taking small bites of the elephant…

  • Melissa McCloud

    my mentor has a great mantra: “it pays to stay!”

    great post larry and laura :)
    Melissa McCloud recently posted..Broke Waitress Becomes Millionaire- Emmy-Winner- Oprah’s BFF

  • Gary Young


    Gary here is a new TSA member. My market target is CEO’s. How would suggest I target that narrow market with Social Medis?
    Gary Young recently posted..A Ship in Port is Safe vs China Sourcing

  • Tim Somers

    Larry and Laura, you are right on the MONEY! Do a little bit everyday and your MLM will explode right before your eyes. Thanks for the great incentives.
    Tim Somers recently posted..Neglected Customers Will Burn Away Like An Unwatered Lawn

  • Peter Fuller MBA

    Hello Larry and Laura

    I define failure as not quitting any particular mlm or business venture, but rather quitting on achieving your dreams.

    In many cases when they quit their current business that is exactly what they are doing, quitting their dream.

    Thanks for the great read.
    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..Does your Retirement Plan include Jumping out of a Window

  • Beverly Monical

    You guys have such great motivational posts.I really enjoy all you share with us.I agree with the phrase Failure is not an option. You guys are awesome. Thanks!
    Beverly Monical recently posted..Overcoming Other People’s Negative Opinions

  • Robin van der Merwe

    Larry and Laura,
    What a great post (as always!). Love the “bulldog determination.” Even ‘brick-and-mortar’ business owners have to do the same thing. They just don’t close the doors and walk away so easily because they generally have a much, much larger investment they are trying to recoup. But, the disappointments are there for them, too. Employees don’t perform as expected, employees quit, sales don’t skyrocket as hoped, etc. It takes learning how to best advertise and market a business and product combined with daily activity and the ability to stick to it even when it doesn’t go as planned…..

    Wishing you much continued success,
    Robin van der Merwe recently posted..Mobile Monopoloy – How to Advertise on Mobile Phones

  • Eddie Espiritu

    Be here in a year! Such great advice that has proven true over the years. We need to make the firm decision that we are approaching our business with a long term, growth mindset. Success doesn’t happen over night! It takes time. As we focus on that and take ACTION, we step that much closer to our goals. Great post guys!
    Eddie Espiritu recently posted..Lessons from the Tire Store

  • Joanna Sayers

    A super post – the bulldog has often been used as a national symbol here in Britain and is often associated with Winston Churchill during World War II. It can be so easy to become demotivated but persistence does pay off..but it always takes guts and will power.

    My favourite saying : ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’! and ‘You have to work it baby’!! ;)

    Best wishes

  • Michael Berry

    Hi Larry & Laura,

    Love your article. You guys are right on. Your last line sums this up the absolute best “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…I WILL BE HERE IN ONE YEAR!”

    Thanks again,


  • Nelson

    So many Laura translate activity as success but fail to as you so correctly point out to convert or for that matter even attempt close a sale. These are the 97% that drop by the side and declare that it is a scam because nobody is making any money. The good news in this is that those 97% are easily replaced and in that new group 3% will add value to us and the process begins over again. It is called Duplication. Great insightful post.
    Nelson recently posted..Promptings

  • Gavin Mountford

    Hi Laura,

    Your blog is looking fantastic now and I love the way you lay out your posts. It doesn’t take long for a savvy person who may not understand the internet that well to learn quickly!

    Great work. I enjoy watching what you’ve got going on and look forward to speaking with you again soon,

    Gavin Mountford
    Gavin Mountford recently posted..How To Get Things Done Fast Online 30 Min Interview With Gavin Mountford!

  • Howie Perks

    Hey Larry and Laura,

    I agree with 100% when a new person comes into my business and tells me what they are going to do. I see better than I hear ;) People get so excited about the business but then treat it like a hobby instead of a real business. I think the major factor in that is what you stated with the low cost of admission. It’s so easy for anyone to get started in network marketing but so hard for many to finish what they started.

    Great article and look forward to networking!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks
    Howie Perks recently posted..MLM Business – Are you a “New Kid On The Block”

  • Melodie Kantner

    Hi Larry & Laura,

    I love this post. It is a subject I talk about a lot with my downline. I like the bulldog analogy. Like a dog with a bone. I often feel sad for those who give up. This business was the answer to my personal economic crisis 15 years ago. If I had not stuck with it, I would be suffering with the others who are effected by the economy today. Sticking with it and taking action is the only way but waaaaaay worth the effort.

    Melodie Kantner recently posted..EFT – Release Emotional Blocks To Network Marketing Success

  • Lesly

    There is no doubt that activity is key. But first one has to check their mindset. I’ve been reading two books that talk about this: “The Millionaire Mind”, by T. Harv Ecker, and ” Disciplines of Doership” by Joe Schroder, both books talk about how your state of mind and experiences growing up as children can influence our behavior as adults. Depending on what we learn about money as kids from our parents and others, can dictate how we use and think about money as adults which influences our activity … interesting reads…
    Lesly recently posted..Water Smarts

  • Angela

    Hey Guys! What a great post. I think so many people do not understand what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing. I think you guys hit th nail on the head by saying you need to stick with it and know that failure is not an option. You definitely do need to commit and take action to get your business going. Thanks so much for your wonderful insights in this post.
    Angela recently posted..Why To Make Your Blog Like Your Living Room

  • Lorri Ratzlaff

    Hey Laura and Larry, Lorri here :)

    My FAVORITE line … “COMMITMENT + PERSISTENCE + DETERMINATION + ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY”! Mine sort of “motto” has become Massive Action = Massive Results. I can’t take credit for that one, I read it somewhere and sort of adopted it. But it’s so true!!

    I have been in and out of this industry for over 18 (yes, that is NOT a typo) years, and I am here to stay!! I LOVE what it brings me, and mostly the people I meet!!

    I will see YOU in a year from now!! :)
    Lorri Ratzlaff recently posted..I Wonder What Frontierville and Scrabble Will Have To Say About This

  • Viola Tam

    Hi Larry & Laura,

    Great points on stressing the importance of the two ‘D’s – Decision & ‘Bull Dog Determination!

    As one of the highly successful leaders in our company says in very simple terms:
    Success is easy. 1. Make a Decision 2. Find the people who would like to have what you offer
    (I call this www, Work With the Willing) 3. Teach them the do the business and support them.

    This is why for faster success, we really have to ‘sponsor up’ as recommended by Todd Falcone. Develop ourselves to be comfortable and confident (mindset & skillset). By enrolling quality people into the team, success is easy. NOTE: Todd does not mean taking people from another MLM. He means asking the right questions and listening so as to screen out the people with low energy or motivation for change. In short, enrol quality people :)

    Thanks, Larry & Laura!
    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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