Who We Are

The words above in our header describe what we are all about:

Lifestyle: Designing a life on our own terms, living our dreams and making it up as we go!

Freedom: Being financially free means not living paycheck to paycheck, but having a growing cash flow supply coming in whether we work or not. We are truly our own boss, and if we don’t feel like working, we don’t. We also have to motivate ourselves, to get to work…but we get to pay ourselves too!!

Family: We believe that when it’s all said and done, your family is all you really have in this world. These are the  people who love you the most and are there for you no matter what. When something serious happens to one of these people like it has to one of our own, it puts everything into a totally new perspective, and what was once important is not quite as such. All that matters are our loved ones and being together, caring for each other, serving, making memories and having fun.


LOVE: We met, fell in love and got married as a result of our mutual dreams and quest as entrepreneurs. Was it an accident that we were brought together? We felt as if we had known each other forever. We had the same dream, and wanted to help people in the same way way. Can you imagine what a powerful force that is? It is this love that people feel when they get to know us, that inspires them to grow and be better. I don’t know why, I just know that’s

It’s much bigger than both of us.

A little about our background…

Larry’s background of 25 years was as an Executive Vice President of a Computer Software Company. The stress of 80 hour work weeks some health issues and the desire for a better way led him to Network Marketing in 1989.Larry has always been a Top income producer, a dynamic speaker and national trainer. Larry has trained and mentored thousands of individuals over the years, with a unique style that electrifies and inspires.

As for me, chronic illness caused me to leave my career in advertising to seek the home based business arena in 1999, although I had dabbled in home business since 1983. I paid my dues through hard work and hanging in there (which is something many people are not willing to do) and went on to become a strong leader and top income earner. My area of expertise is in telephone prospecting, relationship building, and long distance sponsoring.

Though we have had individual success for years, our real claim to fame has been working as a team. We are unique in the fact that we found each other through working together in the same sales organization and were married in 2001. It happened to be in the travel industry, which gave us many opportunities to see the world!  We became a force to be reckoned with and were recognized as #1 Income Earners, members of the Founding Executive Directors and Presidential Advisory Board members; all achievements we are very proud of.

Our  journey is one of passion, happy family, travels, many dreams and most of all  LOVE!  The best part is that we are just getting started! We feel very strongly that our mission in Health and Wellness is to touch YOUR LIFE and as many lives as we possibly can.

You can reach us at [email protected]