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If you are on this page of our blog, you’re probably looking to make the “next move ” in your life. You might be looking for that new endeavor that’s truly a fit for you, and the right partners and team to support you in achieving authentic, real success.  The really exciting thing we are here to tell you is that You Came To The Right Place!! We (Larry and Laura Morris) are extremely seasoned and successful Entrepreneurs, and have the track record of success to know what to look for, as well as the experience, systems & tools necessary to guide you every step of the way to achieving more success than you have ever had before.

The tricky part is that we will not work with just anyone on a one-on-0ne basis. Here is the truth. We have been at this so long, that we know a LOT about people! We know what to look for in people, and more than anything we want to partner with people who have a SINCERE AND BURNING DESIRE TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE. Without that component, it is very difficult for us to help you. We have seen too many people “think” they want success, but when the rubber really met the road, they were nowhere near willing to put in the effort required to be successful. The systems and tools that we use will show you how to be successful like you might never have been before, and how to generate consistent  income from with very low attrition.We have a very SPECIFIC AND EXCLUSIVE MODEL that we teach that results in HIGH RETENTION – BIGGER CHECKS – HAPPIER REPS


We will give you the support, training, and resources you will need to get off to a quick start, using a very simple step-by-step system that is helping many people be successful in a very short time, but even more important we feel, is that the system is going that “next step” so that you have the most important ingredient in your business necessary long term-DUPLICATION. We can tell you honestly that we have been working in this arena full time for over 24 years. It has earned us a great life, and amazing relationships we could not have found anywhere else. The personal growth and chance that you have to ACHIEVE is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. But that is why we are only interested in partnering with people who WANT IT. If you are not ready to commit, fully, employment is a better option. If you ARE READY….There is literally no ceiling or cap on the amount you can create for yourself and your family! What is the VISION YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF? When was the last time you really dreamed about what was possible for you to achieve? We want to help you take those dreams off the shelf once and for all and put them into turbo drive!


Definition of Opportunitya. A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances.b. favorable or suitable occasion or time.2. A chance for progress or advancement.Here’s what we are looking for in potential teammates:

  • You are coachable, open to learn, and ready to plug in to an existing system – You don’t wish to reinvent the wheel (EVERYTHING you need is here)
  • You are willing to do personal development and overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk etc. in order to build your Mind & Spirit to Achieve Your Dreams
  • You have a RED HOT BURNING DESIRE TO SUCCEED and nothing is going to stop you, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen
  • You are a team player, and willing to participate as a member of a team, for the good of the team.
  • You don’t have an entitlement attitude, expecting your partners to do the work for you
  • You are passionate, caring, committed and determined!

You will be part of something magnificent, and have the chance to do something extraordinary. If you bring professional experience of any kind, and have some talents to bring to the table, all the better! We are especially looking for those Leaders who can relate to us, have been looking for that “ONE”, and want to build a legacy.  We look forward to plugging you into our overview, and connecting with you personally. We have a series of videos to plug you into, that perfectly reflect the essence of the opportunity.


Larry & Laura Morris

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